Trailer Park Couple Keeps Disabled Girl in Shed, Sell Her for Sex

Michael Welch and Misty George, a couple residing in a Michigan trailer park stand accused of multiple charges related to their alleged confinement and prostitution of a special needs woman whom they held captive in a vacant shed. The couple was also allegedly selling the victim for sexual services via an online advertisement.  The charges so far are related to human trafficking and prostitution earnings.

Reportedly the special needs victim was a staying at the couple's trailer in the capacity of a tenant for some months.  When the victim was unable to pay her share of the rent, her disability payments were forcibly taken by the couple in order to make them square on rent.  When that wasn't enough, the couple allegedly confined the special needs woman to a vacant shed and sold her body online for sex. The victim is reported to be 29-years-old and have “both mental and physical disabilities.”

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They reportedly did not let the victim out of the shed for bathroom or shower breaks.

The Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith echoed a similar narrative by stating that the city's hearts are broken that this vulnerable woman was so abusively and cruelly treated, that it is unfathomable how another human being could do this to someone.

Authorities are actively investigating the crime and it is unknown how long the victim and the couple knew each other, or how long the woman was kept in the shed and sold as a prostitute.

Directly after their arraignment, Welch tried to escape while he was in the process of entering the Sheriff's transportation vehicle in which he ran off and was swiftly taken down by police.  Now this alleged criminal can add another charge for his ill-advised attempted escape.

George has a $75,000 bond and Welch has a bond of $50,000.  Their next court appearance is scheduled for October 24th.

The Macomb County Sheriff warned everyone that human trafficking is possible anywhere and that people should be on the look out for distressed or missing women and children involved in poverty or abusive situations.  He warned that people should be on the lookout for things that seem too good to be true and always beware of your surroundings.

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