Appeals court refuses to reconsider transgender bathroom. Guess who pees with your kid!

Transgender bathroom lawsuit denied for appeal

A federal appeals court in Richmond refuses to redo a case that included three judges who ruled that a transgender teen should be permitted to utilize the boys bathroom in a high school. The transgender person is a girl who looks like a boy, but now she's allowed to "go potty" in the boys room.? There is no "transgender bathroom" in her high school.

transgender bathroom Gavin Grimm is a girl. She dresses like a boy and "identifies" as a boy, but she should still use the girls room at high school. This court ruling gives her access into the boys bathroom.

RICHMOND ? A federal appeals court won't reconsider a three-judge panel's ruling that a transgender teen must be allowed to use the boys' restroom at school. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Gloucester County School Board's appeal on Tuesday. The school board had asked for a full-court review after a three-judge panel said schools are bound by Department of Education guidelines, which say students must be allowed to use restrooms corresponding to their gender identity. The sex discrimination claim was brought by Gloucester High School student Gavin Grimm, who was born female but identifies as male.

A federal judge had previously denied the sex discrimination case, but I suppose Grimm's attorney's filed again which got it in front of three other judges. I wonder if those judges were liberals with no kids.

Gavin- I hope you see this one day. You're a girl. Embrace it. You don't need to be in the boys room with all the fellas passing gas and talking about girls. You may "identify" with being a boy, but you won't ever be a boy. Maybe you'll be close to one if you get the surgery that adds a male organ to the bottom front of you, but do you really want that thing?

Probably not.

Transgender bathrooms are a temporary freak show. Don't be part of this nonsense. I hope one day you embrace your feminine side, while staying true to yourself, and realize you were born a girl and you are a girl forever. You'll have kids one day and look back at this story in the news and say to yourself "what the heck was I thinking!" and "wow, I made it all over the news because I was going in the boy's bathroom at school" and you'll probably laugh about it with your friends and that's going to be awesome.

You have an entire wonderful life ahead of you (college is super fun), so don't do anything to put stress on yourself, such as getting involved with a transgender bathroom lawsuit. You don't have time for this when you could be out having fun. But seriously, enjoy your life and embrace your womanhood.

You can do everything you want that resembles boys, but don't go in the boys bathroom. You have no idea what kind of nasty smells you are in for. And let's be serious for a second - you do not want your lawsuit to open up the doors for boys to be able to use the girls room.

If that's the case, then a LOT of girls are in a LOT of trouble when the boys come in. We need to protect the girls in the bathroom and realize that this transgender bathroom issue is a temporary thing.

It has to stop.

Boys go in the boys room and girls go in the girls room. Doesn't matter what you identify with, it matters what you're born with.

This guy identifies with a lizard, but that doesn't make him a lizard.

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