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Transgender man complains about getting her period as a man???

The Huff Post article was written by Cass Bliss and she's a transgender man. That means that she is a woman who dresses up like men. She complained about having her period and not knowing where to throw away her trash in the men's bathroom. I don't know, maybe she could figure out how to use a trash can. Or maybe she can go in the women's bathroom like she's supposed to. Either way, this is the American left right now. A group of people confused about their genders. It's OK if she wants to dress and act like a man, but at the end of the day she will always be a woman. Maybe she can just go back to using the women's rest room like she's supposed to.


The opening quote from the article says "Have you ever been in a bathroom stall and needed to throw away a used tampon or pad, but realized there was nowhere to put it? I have ? almost every single day that I have my period. Why? Because I use the men’s bathroom. I am a nonbinary trans menstruator - someone with a uterus that bleeds monthly, but who identifies outside of the fixed categories of male and female. Because of that, I have to navigate the challenges of getting my period every month in a world that refuses to acknowledge that not everyone who gets their period is a woman, and not every woman gets their period."

Stop right there. You're a woman. Go in the women's bathroom, dude.

Men do not get a period. OK. That's it.

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Why is this so difficult? When did this generation go wrong that they started picking their own gender and thinking they can go in every one else's bathrooms?

As a man, I do not want to see women's period trash in the men's room.  Do you? Not really. That's a women's thing and they can keep it in their own bathroom.

No thanks.

Use your own restroom, please. Thank you very much.

I'm sure this person is very nice, but I prefer that they use their own restroom and I shouldn't be frowned upon for asking a lady to stay in her own bathroom and stop using mine.

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