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Transgender Store Sells Fake Penises For Little Girls

Parents of girls 8-13 are in luck! If a natural born daughter changed genders and wants to have a penis, then parents can buy her one! That's because there's now an online store that sells fake penises for little girls if they want to pretend to be a boy. 

There's a person named Searah who runs a website for transgender guys who need to buy a penis because they are women and don't have a real penis of their own. When a woman wants to become a man, then she needs a penis, so now they can buy one to look more manly and use the urinal like a real boy. Searah also reportedly runs a website called TransKids.biz and that's where parents can buy their little girls a little fake penis. The product is designed to help young girls urinate while standing up. It's facing a bit of backlash from people who have accepted their natural born gender, as some people feel it's a bit disturbing to buy a little girl a fake penis.

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"Her web site, TransKids.biz, offers products ranging from tiny silicone penises in circumcised and uncircumcised models, genital “pack holders” and transgender books for kids.

The fake penises are designed for ages 8-13, according to the product page.

“This is the smallest Stand-to-Pee device that we have seen,” it states. “Designed especially for younger folks (aprox. 8-13 years old) these are discreet enough that they can be worn all day under clothes.”

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“…If your child was assigned female at birth but wants to stand up while urinating, this just might work great for them.”

My opinion is that children who "choose their own gender" are a product of their parents. I don't believe kids don't wake up and think they want to be the other gender. Just because a child plays with toys made for the other gender once in a while, that doesn't mean they commit to gender changing drugs or a sex change. I believe some parents push transgenderism on their child because the parents are seeking attention.  Naturally, the children trust their parents, so they play along with whatever the parents say. Some children get older and realize it was a horrible mistake, they're unhappy and sadly kill themselves.

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Transgender people commit suicide at alarming rates, so for a parent to push their child into transgenderism should be considered manslaughter if the child ever commits suicide. 

I think a good parent will not allow their child to become a transgender if they want the kid to have a happy life. A parent should not send a girl to school with a fake penis, nor encourage a child to use the opposite gender bathroom. 

It's a little bit disturbing that someone would sell little fake penises to children.

At what point does the owner of the store go home and tell their family how their day was and it seems even remotely normal?

Family member: "How was work today?"

Fake penis seller: "Great! I sold 12 fake penises to kids!"

Friend...... drops everything in their hands and faints, then wakes up hoping it's not true.

This is a weird way to wrap up 2017.

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