First Transgender Basketball team joins WNBA to win championships

This is satire and did not happen in real life.

A group of the most annoying basketball players have agreed to identify as a female and form their own transgender basketball team for the WNBA. Their plan is to compete as a female, dominate the competition, dunk on every girl who gets in their way, and win games by at least 58 points.

transgender basketball team The team of men who will compete on the women's basketball league will call themselves the Toronto Trans. They will be the first professional all transgender basketball team in the WNBA. We predict 48 championships in a row, with a hiccup at 49 due to labor disputes.

First transgender basketball team in WNBA


  • Tyronn Lue because no one else makes sense except the guy Allen Iverson stepped over.


  • Kris Humphries so he can marry someone on each team for 72 days and be a distraction.
  • Shawn Bradley because he deserves a shot at the title.
  • Lebron James to flop around when the AC goes off and distract women, but he can dunk real good.
  • Dennis Rodman to give uniform fashion tips and get rebounds.
  • Shaquille O'neal because wearing a wig on a transgender team is more fun than watching Kazaam.
  • Christian Laettner to annoy everyone else in the WNBA.
  • Ron Artest / Metta World Peace because he's used to not knowing who he is. Being a transgender should be easy for him.
  • Joakim Noah because he resembles an ugly, well paid, woman and makes an easy transition into the WNBA.
  • Chris Anderson because he looks like a "walk of shame" for most women, but he's still better at ball then the WNBA.
  • Sasha Vujacic so he can finally score 30 points like he said he would.

An all transgender basketball team is the first of its kind to compete in a professional league. With all the transgender boys joining the girls sports teams and dominating the competition, it only makes sense to transition this into the mainstream and professional sports. Nothing is better than watching men dominate women at sports. This article is 100% a joke. This article is entirely made up as a spoof to show you how silly this country has become. We're letting males on female sports teams and that's wrong. transgender basketball team meme No one cares if a woman joins a men's team, because in most cases, the men are much better athletes anyway. Men are genetically more muscular and athletic than women. When was the last time a lady slam dunked a basketball? And any female who loses their spot on a team to a MALE should be extremely ticked off. Any girl who loses their scholarship to a boy who plays for the girls team should not tolerate that. It's ridiculous. This is our future folks, and we need to put an end to this mixing and matching of male and female sports. It doesn't matter who you identify with - if you're born a male, then you compete with the men. You can dress up like a lady at home, but you're a man on the court and the field. No excuses. Let's stop the nonsense. transgender sports ad

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