Traumatized abortion pill patients return with babies ‘in Ziploc bags’

Abortion and anti-abortion movements are still fighting their battles, and pro-life ministry And Then There Were None is now suing the Planned Parenthood because of their practice that leaves many women traumatized for life.

Former Planned Parenthood official Sue Thayer claims that women who took abortion pills had no idea that they might see bodies of what would become their babies. What is even worse, she claims that abortions are done via Web Cam, which means that the doctor is not present in person to verify the situation and allow such a procedure.


In her webcast, Thayer claims that during her time in Planned Parenthood, women who did the process would come to them months later, bringing bags with tiny fetuses and telling them they are scared because they think they've killed their babies.

Using abortion pills leaves a chance that a woman will have to see her aborted baby, and for many of them, that is too much. As Thayer is claiming, Planned Parenthood is not even discussing this subject when suggesting someone to do a medical abortion. On the other hand, during a surgical abortion, every piece of tissue is removed and is not seen by a woman.

What Thayer and And Then There Were None are claiming is that many women would decide to keep their babies and become moms if they knew there is a strong possibility that they will see their well-formed babies, especially if they are pregnant for eight weeks or more.


The state of Iowa already took Planned Parenthood to court to stop this practice. The state even tried to cut off Planned Parenthood from sex education funding, but this law is temporarily blocked. Planned Parenthood was allocated around $265 thousands for this fiscal year and will apply for more funds after July 1.

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