Trevor Noah says Trump and A$AP Rocky case is the 'craziest sh-t ever'

Rapper A$AP Rocky is in Swedish jail since July 2 as the investigation about his street brawl in Stockholm is still on. In the meantime, President Donald Trump personally guaranteed bail for the musician, which divided the public.

Comedian and political talk show host Trevor Noah would like to see A$AP Rocky free, but wonders if the United State President should be involved directly. He thinks that he should spend his resources elsewhere, dealing with the subjects that affect the whole nation.


During the weekend, Trump surprised the public, as he tweeted that he personally guarantees for the rapper, meaning that if he escapes, the President should be charged. He also revealed that Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven promised him that the artist would have a fair treatment, but nothing else.

There is no bail in Sweden, and since the judge ruled on Friday that A$AP is a flight risk, he'll be in jail for at least two more weeks. Prosecutors are asking for more time to study the case, which is unusual since there is a video showing what has happened.


Noah is also surprised by the amount of time that rapper spent locked up and jokes that he'll have to change his dollar sign in his name to a Euro. He also said that two men that attacked Rocky and his security team probably did it because medical care is free in Sweden.

Still, the most amusing thing for him is that Trump got involved after Kanye West personally asked him to do so, and calls the situation "the craziest sh*t ever." It seems that Swedish authorities are not interested in bending the law for anyone, including the President.

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The musician has every reason to be afraid, because if he is charged and convicted, he may spend up to six years in prison. 

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