Trevor Noah jokes about Trump accidentally deporting Melania

In a recent episode by the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah suggests a theory related to President Donald Trump’s recent immigration policies breakdown and if it might accidentally deport his wife, Melania Trump.

Melania Trump has been consistent in her throne, remaining the country’s most popular Trump with the highest ratings. Meanwhile, President Trump struggles with his approval rating at 40%.


On the Wednesday episode, Noah commented that he and Melania had so much in common. “We’re both immigrants, neither of us would be here if it weren’t for Donal Trump” and in a hilarious manner, he added “And, I’m just going to put it out there, we’re both style icons."

This, however, was not the reason why Noah wanted to talk about Melania. On Trump’s recent immigration crackdown, Noah started to see a pattern that has gotten him “concerned."

He thinks Donald Trump is trying to deport Melania. One of acts include the revoking green cards from immigrants deemed likely to use public assistance. Another is the “chain immigration," disparaging the immigration program that allows close relatives to live with legal immigrants.


President Trump vows to end chain migration, the exact policy that allows Melania’s parents, Slovenian-born citizens, to obtain US citizenship.

Noah commented “He was trying to turn his in-laws into outlaws”, causing the audience to laugh at the hilarity of the situation. With that, Noah started the hashtag #Don’tDeportMelania," which turns out people agree on, or find humor in.

Some viewers believe Noah is serious, therefore lending their support by seriously commenting on the matter with the hashtag attached. Most find it funny, tweeting about it, causing the hashtag to trend on social media.

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One user tweeted "Welp, Trevor Noah now owns the internet and we all have to pay him rent," with the #Don’tDeportMelania.

Noah ended the show, saying that it may sound crazy for Donald Trump to deport his wife. But, if you look at the recent, and not so recent immigration policy breakdowns, people will see how he detests immigrants. Then he ended it by stating that when all of it is put together, there is a pattern. All targeting his wife.

“I see what you’re doing, Doanld and I’m not going to let it happen," Noah encourages fans to tweet “because if this great immigrant [Melanie] is forced to leave this country” he believes that the US can never truly be "Best."

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