Trump gets the last laugh, look who was banned 24 hours before Oscars


Looks like Trump's executive order is working out just fine.

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U.S. immigration officials stopped a Syrian cinematographer from entering America so he could go to the Academy Awards. He was attending because he worked on a film that was nominated for an Oscar!

It's reported that the Department of Homeland Security stopped this man from traveling to LA for the awards ceremony. Khaled Khateeb was supposed to arrive Saturday, then attend the ceremony on Sunday, but that was blocked because the officials found allegedly "derogatory information" about Khateeb.

What does that even mean? I have no idea. There's no further information about what was found. It could be anything from terror related connections to his passport being messed up. No further details were provided, but hopefully they will be soon. I don't want someone banned from entering the country for the wrong reason. That sends a bad message.


Khateeb worked on a 40-minute Netflix documentary "The White Helmets" which covers the Syrian civil war and is nominated for Best Documentary Short. It includes dramatic scenes of the 6-year conflict, such as people digging through their destroyed homes looking for survivors.

Khateeb had reportedly been issued a visa to attend the Oscars, but Turkish authorities detained him this week, according to the internal U.S. government correspondence, and he needed a passport waiver from the U.S. to enter the country.

According to the Associated Press, he would not get such a waiver, and no explanation was provided for why Khateeb was detained.

It's possible the man is a Syrian sympathizer, but that's just a prediction/rumor going around the Internet. That holds zero weight unless there's a legit source. That's just people talking on social media, and if there's one thing that's definitely true about social media can't believe everything you read unless there's a source to back it up. I don't have a source that says he's a Syrian sympathizer, so do not assume he is one. That's just the rumor on social networks, but we need evidence before standing by it. In the mean time, let's check out the trailer for White Helmets. Maybe he made a good movie!

I'm sure Meryl Streep will have a few words to say when she finds out about this. She is very anti-Trump and anything that happens as a result of his work is automatically criticized by her.

But can she really say anything? This is the same person who gave Roman Polansky a standing ovation and he's a child molester.

Can you really take Myrtle Beach serious? I can't.