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Trump cancels White House Christmas party for press and media

If there's one thing we know, it's that President Donald Trump does not like the press. And to be fair, why should he?

Trump has canceled the White House Christmas party for the press and media, a party that has been going on for decades. It's nothing more than a fancy party for journalists and staffers, but this year it's not happening. Perhaps Trump doesn't want a group of rude people in his home, and why should he?

As of yet, the White House has not officially announced this cancellation, according to Howard Kurtz, who first reported the party was off - but did not disclose his source of information. The White House has not responded to request when the New York Post reached out for more clarification and comments.

During last year’s event, the president and first lady did not pose for pictures, a tradition in which guests would briefly chat with the couple near the Christmas tree before being snapped. 

Trump has repeatedly slammed the “fake news” media as the “enemy of the people” – and has sparred with individual reporters, most notably CNN’s Jim Acosta, whose credentials were pulled after a contentious exchange.
His press pass was restored only after the network filed a lawsuit.
In 2017, CNN boycotted the X-mas party because of the president’s “continued attacks” on journalists. 
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reacted to CNN’s snub by tweeting: “Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN.”
CNN contributor April Ryan – who frequently clashes with Sanders — also was left off the guest list last year, the first time in 20 years of covering the White House that she wasn’t invited, the Washington Post reported.

Some people might call Trump petty for canceling the party, but if you think about it - why should he have a party for people like Jim Acosta, April Ryan, and some of the others who constantly bash Trump to gain steps in their career? If someone was constantly talking poor about me, they wouldn't be invited into my home either.

Donald and Melania should have their own party for staffers and journalists or friends they actually want to spend time with.


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