Trump raises power to deny green cards for immigrants who would be on welfare

On Monday, the Trump Administration issues a law that enables federal officials to deny green cards for immigrants who will most likely depend on welfare programs.


This so-called “public charge” ensures that immigrants that are allowed to have green cards are self-sufficient. This law that limits people granted permanent residency for self-sufficiency protects the rights of tax-payers.

In an interview with Fox News, Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services states that the principle driving it is old American value. Self-sufficiency is the core principle of the American Dream itself. What Cuccinelli believes as one of the things that distinguish the US, from its central to legal history dating back from the 1800s.


The “public charge” will solidify the definition and strengthen the expansion of the factors considered to deny unqualified immigrants with this as the basis.

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Cuccinelli emphasizes on the long-term benefits of this upgraded statute for taxpayers. This will ensure that those who immigrate to this country will not become society’s burdens. That they can be independent. For him, this is not only a recipe for their success but also for America to grow out of its problematic immigration system.

The newly defined statute shall take effect this year on October 15. This entails the “public charge” an immigrant’s designated public benefits for more than 12 months within a three year period.

Such benefits include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income and most forms of Medicaid and food stamps. The new rule expands the number of benefits that will be considered from interim guidance that was issued in 1999.

Serve as standard considerations include the basics, including age, health, financial assets, and educational attainment. USCIS serves as the lead agency, followed by the State Department and Controversial Border Patrol.

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