Trump Donates Quarterly Salary To Help Fight Coronavirus

President Donald Trump has now donated his quarterly salary to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. The donation will go to the Department of Health and Human Services as they focus on a response to the outbreak.

The salary donation amounts to $100,000, as per the Daily Caller, who posted:

The donation amounts to $100,000, and comes as part of Trumps vow to donate his entire salary throughout his presidency, according to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. He has in the past donated parts of his salary to border enforcement, the Surgeon General’s office and Veterans’ Affairs, among others.

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USA Today also ran an article on Trump's donation and mentioned that he also received a bit of criticism when the coronavirus situation first started happening.

Their article stated:

The president faced criticism for his initial response to the outbreak when he appeared to contradict health officials in his own administration about the scope of the virus. At a rally last week, Trump described concerns about the virus as a "hoax," and then later said he was referring to the Democratic response to the outbreak. 

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Many Democrats and mainstream media outlets have been criticized for politicizing the coronavirus.

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