Trump fires James Comey in the most awkward way

It seems that Donald Trump really does like using his power to get what he wants in this life and that seems to have been proven again with his latest firing of James Comey.

James Comey was the lead investigator for the FBI, as you may know the FBI are currently investigating Donald Trump for his relationship ties to Russia and the possible links he had with Russia during the election campaign.

The way Comey found out he had been fired is not the way anyone wants to find out they have been fired. He had seen the news on television while he was talking to agents at the FBI field office and at first thought it was a joke until he was told otherwise.


James Comey, the FBI director fired Tuesday by President Trump, learned of his ouster while addressing agents at the FBI field office in Los Angeles, a source said.

Comey was talking to the agents when news of his firing appeared on televisions tuned in to news channels, a source told Fox News.


Television screens in the field office began flashing the news of his firing, and Comey initially chuckled at the report. He continued to brief the agents, finishing his speech before heading into a separate office.

It does make you wonder why Donald Trump chose to fire James Comey when he did. With Donald Trump being investigated by the FBI and James Comey being the lead investigator it's possible Trump may have thought firing him would have been in his favor.

Could it be that Donald Trump is as guilty as many think he is and that is why he fired the lead investigator of the FBI? It sure does look suspicious that Trump would fire a man who is investigating him. 

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Whether or not this will cause problems for Trump we are yet to find out but it definitely does not look good for Trump firing someone who is leading an investigation about various ties to Russia paints Trump as someone who wants to put the hammer on the nail and send this one packing.

It's almost as though Trump fires anyone who doesn't fully support him.

Is that good or bad for politics?

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