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Trump-hater Madonna now singing about 'Fried Fish'

Is Madonna losing her mind? The Trump-hating singer is now posting videos about "fried fish" from the luxury of her fancy home with enough makeup to stock a Rite-Aid. I don't know what it is with these celebrities, but whenever stuff like coronavirus happens, that's when celebrities either...

1) go missing and disappear with all their money and don't help anyone at all.

2) post videos like this, singing about "fried fish" or "Imagine" and think they're making a difference, when all their doing is being tone-deaf millionaires laughing at us plebs.


3) having meltdowns like Sam Smith while living in a $12m mansion - go visit another room in your giant house if you're that bored.

4) lecture America from the luxury of a hot tub, as if we all got one, Arnold.

5) some of them actually do something nice, but it sometimes goes unheard of because they're not begging for attention.


6) celebrities in general have become more oblivious and living in a bubble thanks to Trump who has brought out the absolute worst in them. Trump has exposed celebrities for the people they really are.

Now here's that terrible Madonna video you were expecting.

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