Democrat Al Green, from Texas, tried to have President Trump impeached. He forced a vote and was embarrassed as the House of Representatives unanimously voted against impeachment. Al Green probably walked out of the room with his head down, weeping in embarrassment and now knowing there's no sense in trying to impeach a President who has done nothing wrong.

Democrats joined Republicans in voting the impeachment out and killing the resolution brought upon by liberal Al Green, the Democrat who just learned a hard, salty lesson. You know it's bad when even the Democrats vote against impeachment because they know there's nothing to impeach Trump for. If there was something that President Trump could really be impeached for, then they would have all voted for it.

Further information tells us that Representative Al Green backed his choices by suggesting that Trump's presidency is rooted in racism and bigotry - two claims that are obviously false. Trump has been in the celebrity spotlight for decades and has not ever been accused of being a racist until he scared Democrats and beat Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. Al Green's claims are nonsense and maybe he's the racist and bigot.

Green later mentioned Charlottesville and how Trump blamed both sides for the deaths that happened. Trump was right, it was the fault of both sides, but 90% the fault of liberal counter-protesters who showed up to start trouble. Green mentioned Trump sharing anti-Muslim videos, but all Americans need to do is look at the long list of terrorist attacks and they'll likely feel the same way about extremists. Al Green needs to root himself back into reality before trying to impeach a President who loves America.

The Boston Globe reports:

"WASHINGTON — The House overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to kill a resolution from a liberal Democratic lawmaker to impeach President Trump as most Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the move.

Representative Al Green, Democrat of Texas, said Trump had associated his presidency with causes rooted in bigotry and racism. To back his claim accusing Trump of high misdemeanors, Green cited incidents such as Trump’s blaming both sides for violence at a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and his recent sharing of hateful, anti-Muslim videos posted online by a fringe British extremist group.

After his resolution was read aloud, the House voted 364-58 to table the resolution."

When you're Al Green and suggest an impeachment resolution and lose by 306 votes, then you should not ever be allowed in the room again.

Nice try, Al.

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