Trump invites kid to White House because he was bullied; maybe his parents should teach him to fight

President Donald Trump is inviting some kid named Josh Trump to the White House because he was bullied. He was probably bullied for his last name and now he gets a free trip to the White House where he might get to meet the President of the United States. All of this because the kid's parents have completely failed to teach this boy self defense and how to stand up for himself when he's getting picked on.

Let's face the facts here, folks! Kids are assholes. They are 100% absolute fucking assholes to each other starting in Kindergarten and going all the way up to adulthood. Kids tease each other, fight each other, do everything to get on each other's nerves because they don't know any better. After a while, the kids start to realize who their friends are and they tease their friends more. The people who tease others, who they are not friends with, become bullies.

The bullies should be punched in the fucking mouth at the first sign of them being a bully.

The only way to make a bully shut up is to fill their mouth with your fist and knock their teeth down their throat. Or break their nose. Or chop their windpipe with the edge of your hand. Whatever works to show them that you're tired of being picked on and you're not going to take it anymore.

Who cares if you get suspended. Who cares if you get expelled. What's the point in going to school every day if you're always getting picked on.

The kid who gets to go to the White House for Trump's second SOTU all for the sake that his parents raised him to be too nice is just another reminder that this generation now is raising their kids the wrong way. They're soft. They win participation awards. 

How are we going to fix this?

When that kid goes back to school he needs to punch the bullies in the face one at a time and demand his respect.

Even if he gets kicked out of school and his ass kicked, he grows a pair of balls and knows that he went out with a fight and he can respect himself for giving his best shot.

There's no other way to deal with a bully other than to put your foot down, preferably on their neck, and make them realize you're not the one to be messing with.

I hope his parents put him in martial arts classes so he can learn to fight back and defend himself as needed.

I hope he enjoys his trip to visit the president, but I also hope that he gets a little bit of blood on his knuckles when he gets home.

And.... so what if he's 11. He should knock someone out if they're constantly bothering him!

The only way someone should turn the other cheek is if they're slapping someone twice!