Trump Destroys the One thing Michelle Obama was Proud of

President Trump put his foot down and Michelle Obama is gonna be livid. But that's fine if she's mad because Trump is fixing the one thing Michelle did that she was proud of, even though it was absolutely horrible. Trump is putting an end to Obama's terrible lunch program and putting the chocolate milk back on the menu for kids all across America.

Eating a healthy lunch is great, but the food that came with Michelle Obama's lunch program was worse than eating dog food that was three months expired. Her food was so bad that even the poor kids threw it out. Everyone wants to eat healthier whether it's consciously or subconsciously. Everyone wants their kids to eat healthily. But if your kid isn't eating because the food is so disgusting, then that's not healthy either.

I'd rather have my kid drink chocolate milk and not be starving when she gets home from school. On second thought, I'll be providing my kid with her own lunch anyway, so she won't have to worry about eating the barely edible prison scraps they're serving to our kids in the public schools.

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Let's be glad that Trump and the U.S. Department of Agriculture push back and get our kids something that actually tastes like food. 

ABC News reports

Chocolate milk with 1 percent fat will soon be back on public school lunch menus as the Trump administration eases nutritional standards put in place under President Obama.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday published a new interim rule, due to take effect on July 1 after a period of public comment, which relaxes sodium limits and whole-grain requirements on school lunches and also allows flavored milk with 1 percent back into school cafeterias nationwide.

Currently, public schools are allowed to serve only flavored milk that is nonfat or unflavored milk that is low-fat or nonfat.


Parents - it's your job to pack lunch. Don't rely on the free lunch program. It's nasty, barely edible, and it comes shipped in a truck frozen in the morning. If your kid's school has a full-service kitchen, then the food is probably decent. If your kid attends a run-down school with no kitchen and you don't pack your kid's lunch because you're a bad parent, then be sure your kid barely eats or is eating the equivalent to cardboard.

The school lunches can't be healthy if they're disgusting and thrown in the trash - remember that.

Here are a few pictures of kid's nasty Michelle Obama lunches. Now tell me you're going to eat this junk. No chance, right? What makes you think a kid will eat this slop? Prisoners have better meals than this. I think it's time we made school lunch great again and the best way to do that is to pack your own kid's lunch.

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