Trump mocks Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich over NBA vs China

NBA head coaches Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr frequently critic President Donald Trump for his actions, but now he found the perfect opportunity to respond because of their  "pandering to China," as he claims.


NBA is also criticized by Trump after they failed to address that Houston Rockets' general manager Daryl Morey was seemingly forced to delete his message on Twitter, where he showed support for Hong Kong protests. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump was asked about Chinese pressure on the NBA, and he used that opportunity to attack two prominent coaches. Trump told the reporters that Steve Kerr acted like a little boy and was too scared to answer the question about the incident. He signaled that the head coach of Golden State Warriors is two-faced as he often criticizes United States but fails to address Chinese censoring practices. As for Gregg Popovich, Trump believes that he was not scared but also didn't have the courage to say anything against China.

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Both Kerr and Popovich are outspoken about various social issues in the States, including gun control and immigration. When asked about the NBA controversy, Kerr told the journalists that it is a "bizarre international story," but that he shouldn't make a comment because he doesn't know all the details. Popovich refused to make an assessment, and instead praised NBA commissioner Adam Silver, claiming that he is dealing with the incident the right way. Silver was among those defending Morey, saying that he should speak freely.


Because of Morey's words, China's national broadcaster CCTV already made a decision not to air two NBA preseason games held in China and is even looking in the current contract with the NBA. Losing Chinese media would be a massive blow for the NBA, as there are over 500 million pro basketball fans in the country. 

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