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Trump mocks teen climate activist, then Melania's Anti-Bullying slogan trends

President Donald mocked 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg after her passionate speech in the United Nations this Monday, but things got even worse as his wife Melania Trump is leading the anti-bullying campaign, #BeBest.



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In her speech, Thunberg said that the plans for cutting emissions in half in the next ten years are not good enough. She told everyone present that she should be back in her school instead of giving lectures to grown-up people. Young Swede explained that if the current establishment fails them, young people will never be able to forgive them. While she was not addressing Trump or the United States, the video where is staring him down while he walked past her went viral. Maybe that's what triggered the president to ironically tweet that she looks like a happy young girl that is optimistic about the future. 


The reactions quickly followed as songwriter Holly Figueroa O'Reilly reminded him of his wife's anti-bullying campaign. 

Next thing she did was tweeting Melania Trump, asking her why is she silent when her husband is mocking a young girl with autism. She claimed that those that are on the left are always defending her son Barron whenever he is attacked online. O'Reilly already went viral earlier when she decided to sue the president after he blocked on Twitter.


Writer and blogger Andy Ostroy also expressed his anger, telling the First Lady that her husband is a sociopath and that she should do something about it. Finally, Nebraska state Senator Megan Hunt replied to Trump by reminding everyone that he was accused of inappropriately acting toward young girls.


Greta Thunberg and her speak are widely praised, but she is not stopping there. She and other young people will file a complaint against five countries that are considered among the worst polluters.


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