Trump Calls Kim Jong Un 'Rocket Man' and it's Hilarious

Normally when someone addresses the entire United Nations general assembly, they walk a straight line and deliver a pretty standard style of speaking.  As expected, this does not apply to President Donald Trump.  He had no issue calling North Korea's dictator the 'Rocket Man' and of course, people immediately thought of Elton John's song.  Some of Trump's detractors took this as an indication that he does not quite grasp the severity of the North Korean problem.  To the more initiated, they recognize this use of a catchy moniker has pure brilliance. If the song isn't in your head by now, then what are you waiting for?

Trump has continually beat politicians in the polls after branding them with silly, sticky names.  Remember Lyin' Ted Cruz and Lil Marco Rubio? Don't forget the biggest victory of all - Crooked Hillary.

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This is not the first time Trump has used the moniker in reference to Kim.  He previously used it in a tweet.  Trump knows exactly what he's doing; it's called marketing.  It's clear that he knows marketing and this is yet another shining example of this truth. He's the king of free press and that's exactly what this is.

He posted the moniker on Twitter, then at the United Nations, and you know he will use it more frequently in the near future.  Why?  Because the more you hear it,  the more it sticks and resonates.  If the day comes that you hear Trump has made a big move against the Kim regime, you will not be shocked and possibly more likely to support it.

This is not a case of Trump ad-libbing his own flavor into an otherwise boring speech.  This is just a step in Trump's plan to ready the world for the inevitable actions on the North Korean regime.

While 'Rocket Man' became a key catch phrase taken from Trump's speech, he spoke for over forty minutes and made sure to put all countries involved in supporting terrorism on notice, that the world, in particular the US, will not tolerate their actions and will take whatever steps necessary to protect the world.

Trump also took the time note that North Korea is on a reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles that threaten the entire world with the threat of unimaginable amount of death.

He spared nobody.  He lashed out at Syria's Bashar Al-Assad calling him a criminal for the use of banned chemical weapons on his very own people.

Essentially Trump urged world leaders that while he often notes that he always brings America first, and that each and every sovereign country should also put their people first.  It may seem odd that a world leader is promoting nationalism to the world at the United Nations, an institution which is inherently meant to urge leaders to band together and put the world as a whole first.  But don't fret.  Trump knows what he is doing which is extending his sentiment that he projected during his election campaign which is that the UN essentially fails to act and that the burden is being put more heavily on individual nations to act.

And without further ado, Elton John.

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