Trump's Ex-Wife Announces She's Single And Don't Need No Man

News reports say that the famous Ivana Trump has split from her ex-husband yet again.

She said in a statement given on Thursday "I am once again a single woman, and I have the freedom to do what I want, with whomever I want to, and I can afford my lifestyle,” 

Ivana, 70, married her longtime partner Rossano Rubicondi at President Trump's Florida getaway, Mar-a-Lago, in 2008, and they divorced one year after in 2009. Before that, they have been together for six years and dated other people but eventually got back together.


Ivana says that she and Rubicondi remain good friends and that the separation of the two was amicable. Rubicondi was Trump's fourth marriage. She has three grown-up children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump with the president of the USA, as they were married from 1977-1991 after the businessman had an affair with Marla Maples, that later became his future ex-wife.

Ivana famously uttered "Don't get mad, get everything" in the First Wives Club and beyond would remind people that she is really full of money and can afford her lifestyle. Some people think that this is fake, but a spokesperson for Trump confirmed that was her official statement.


Trump said in an interview for a gossip column that the "relationship just ran its course" and that Rossano spends a lot of time in Italy far away from her living place in New York, Miami, and St-Tropez.

She then continued to say she is " done " with marriage, and that people get married because they want a family, but her three kids and grandkids are enough for her and this is not her goal in life anymore.

Rubicondi and Trump had a $3 million wedding at Mar-a-Lago in 2008, and 11 years later with this divorce, happening Rubicondi has said that people can think whatever they want and that Ivana will "always be family" to him.

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