Did we expect much less from Donald Trump? Nope! He loves his Twitter. I’m shocked that he hasn’t purchased it yet and renamed it to Trumper.

ABC News reports – Donald Trump’s first public words of 2017, were not surprisingly, said on Twitter.

The president-elect tweeted New Year’s greetings at the stroke of midnight.

“TO ALL AMERICANS- #HappyNewYear & many blessings to you all! Looking forward to a wonderful & prosperous 2017 as we work together to #MAGA,” Trump tweeted at midnight, Eastern Time.

When someone asked Trump about his new year’s resolutions, then of course he gave another classic line – the same one that sparked his entire campaign. Although, I must say, America is already great, but if we could just put a lid on all these whiny little gutless rat liberals, that we would be even greater!

SacBee reports – WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. Asked his New Year’s resolution, Trump grinned and said: “Make America great again, OK? You knew that one.”

Hundreds of guests have gathered in the club’s grand ballroom, including action star Sylvester Stallone and romance novel model Fabio.

The menu calls for “Mr. Trump’s Wedge Salad” as well as wild mushroom and Swiss chard ravioli, sliced tenderloin and pan seared sea bass. Baked Alaska and Crème Anglaise is on the menu for dessert.

Trump is attending along with members of his family.

Trump’s New Year’s Eve party was in Florida at the Mar-A-Lago resort. A handful of celebrities were in attendance and they did what many others around the world did. Had a few bites to eat, sipped on some drinks, shared a few dances, and watched a Times Square ball drop on a big screen TV.... read more