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Trump slams welfare recipients who refuse to work

President Donald Trump criticized welfare recipients who refuse to work, or in his words, 'do not work at all.' He also slammed those who might make more money than hard working Americans. This talk happened in St. Charles, Missouri, while he was talking about welfare reform.

In some cities, the amount of welfare people can receive might be that just a bit less than someone working 40 hours on minimum wage. At that rate, some people sit home and make a few bucks less instead of stressing out over a fast food minimum wage job.

The amount of benefits some people receive could be enough to live by, which can be enough to remove motivation from people to do better for themselves.


Here's Trump's comments, as quoted by Real Clear Politics:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And by the way, what happened, what happened, is Obama took a long time, years to get Obamacare, right? Again, 10 months. We've had two runs at it. We're coming closer, closer. I think now we have a plan that's going to be great. But we're not talking about it until after taxes, and then we'll take care of health care. 

Then we will have done tax cuts, the biggest in history, health care, phenomenal health care. I know you don't want this -- welfare reform. Does anyone want welfare reform?
And infrastructure. But welfare reform, I see it, and I've talked to people. I know people that work three jobs and they live next to somebody who doesn't work at all. And the person who is not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better than the person that's working his and her ass off. And it's not going to happen. Not going to happen.


Welfare reform is definitely needed because we need to identify people who abuse the system and stop giving them benefits.

For people who truly need the benefits, they should be taken care of and given job training to help them succeed.

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