Trump supporter's truck window broken, vandalized with 'Antifa'

A man from Champaign reported that his pickup truck had a window broken and it was vandalized because he's a Trump supporter. The suspects broke one of his windows and spray painted the word 'Antifa' in red on his gray truck tailgate. The truck owner, Tom Lord, said he was mad about it, based on a report by the News Gazette.


“I was pretty mad,” Tom Lord said about the broken window and spray-painted “Antifa” found on his truck Tuesday morning.

News Gazette posted the following about Lord's truck being vandalized:

"He believes it was those messages that prompted someone to break the rear middle slider window and spray-paint his tailgate with “Antifa,” an apparent reference to militant left-wing anti-fascist groups.


Since he didn’t carry comprehensive coverage, Lord said his insurance won’t pay for the damage. To replace just the window will cost him about $350.

Lord said he isn’t particularly political, except “when it comes to my president and my country.”

“I believe in freedom of speech,” he said. “It’s our right to express ourselves, especially when it comes to a president who is looking out for us and our country. I believe I’m speaking up for people who are afraid to speak out.”

So much for being tolerant of one another.

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