Trump supporting beauty queen stripped of crown for refusing to wear hijab, 'insensitive' posts

20-year-old beauty queen, Trump supporter, and University of Michigan student, Kathy Zhu, was stripped of her Miss Indiana crown for refusing to try on a hijab and posting messages on social media that some people thought were insensitive. Many conservatives are supporting Zhu and saying that the Michigan World America and Miss Indiana competition is not so friendly to those who support President Donald Trump.

Zhu was initially "named as an Indiana and Michigan 2019 national finalist in her bid to make it to the Miss and Teen World America Preliminary and Finals, which will be held in Las Vegas in October.

But after organizers became aware of Zhu's controversial social media posts, they removed her from the competition and asked her to stop posting anything relating to the contest, reported."


The Trump supporting model says her crown was taken away "due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and 'insensitive' statistical tweets."


The screenshots in the post are text messages she wanted everyone to see.

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Newsweek went into more detail about Zhu's controversial tweets that were deemed insensitive.

"She gained notoriety in 2018 after she complained on Twitter about a "Try a hijab" booth at her college. "So you're telling me that it's now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?" she wrote, according to The Orlando Sentinel. "Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?"

Muslim students at the college then began a campaign to have Zhu expelled. One, who said she was manning the booth, replied, "I invited you to try one on and you said 'no thank you...You didn't take the time to even ask questions or try to understand what Hijab is. That's ignorant of you. You literally sprinted after taking the photos. That's pathetic."

The other problem was a tweet about black-on-black violence. "Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks?" Zhu wrote on Twitter. "Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others."

While she had every right to not try on an article of clothing she does not support, and her points were backed by statistics - she was still condemned and criticized over it.

As stated by the Daily Wire, "Zhu also responded via email to the organization over her ouster, pushing back on Miss World America’s apparent opposition to the conservative’s refusal to wear a hijab. “[W]hat is ‘insensitive’ is that women in the Middle East are getting STONED TO DEATH for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs,” she wrote. “A Muslim woman tried to FORCIBLY put a hijab on my head without my permission. I tweeted about it on my social media, and it got the attention of the media. Almost everyone was supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation.”

So now we have a woman winning a competition, but having her victory taken away because 1) she's a Trump supporter, 2) she stands by her beliefs, and 3) she uses statistics to make a point but still gets called racist anyway, even though she's Asian.

And that's what Trump supporters are stuck dealing with.

It stinks when people make a good point and then get called out for being insensitive, but facts are facts.

If we can't handle the truth about something, then we shouldn't blame the person who told the truth - we should fix the problems.

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