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Trump tells Democrat LOUDMOUTHS to go back to their own country

President Donald Trump has now told loudmouth Democratic Congress members to go back to their own country and fix problems there, instead of running their mouths here about how our systems are broken. Trump did not specifically state which Democratic Reps he was referencing, but it was probably people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (but she was born in Detroit) - two anti-Trumpers who are quite outspoken when it comes to making terrible comments. It is possible that Trump was only talking about Ilhan Omar who was born in Somalia.

Trump went on his tirade in a series of Tweets and suggested that maybe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who hasn't accomplished anything in over 100 days as Speaker, could help with their flight accommodations. In fact, it would be best if Nancy bought Chuck Schumer a ticket and the two of them joined and left the country as well. Don't forget to take Maxine Waters with ya!


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Of course, that won't ever happen.

Here is what Trump said about the Democrat reps who are constantly badgering the United States, even though they're from countries who are nowhere near as good as we are.


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