Trump tried to ban TikTok, now cartels find teens to smuggle immigrants for cash on it

This is exactly what you didn't want to hear about TikTok, the video based social media app filled with tons of quirky clips, dances, barely dressed women, and apparently Border Cartels using it to recruit teenagers to help them smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States for cash.

This information comes from an official and exclusive report on Fox News who did a deep dive looking into the situation, finding that some teens and young adults are being offered more than $3,000 just to give illegal immigrants a ride into the country when they arrive at the border.

Sounds like an easy payday until you get arrested or you get on the cartel's nerves or they decide you're no longer needed and they make it so you're "no longer with us."

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Fox News report stated:

"Need 2 or 3 drivers to go through a checkpoint," one says.

"Got another 6 left, already crossed. Lemme know ASAP for that easy cash," another says.

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If they take it, their job is to get migrants through checkpoints and then to a drop-off location like a store parking lot, where the migrants are then picked up by someone trusted by the cartel and transferred to stash houses scattered along the border.

There were 172,000 migrant encounters in March alone, but authorities have estimated there are more than 1,000 "gotaways" – people who got into the U.S. by sneaking past Border Patrol – every single day.

It's almost hilarious that the people who "got away" are called "gotaways" when they evade the Border Patrol and sneak into America.

But then you remember Joe Biden is president and he's a nice guy, so the people sneaking in might be looking to leech from a nice-guy program he's putting into place.

The Fox News report continued:

Sources previously told Fox News that smugglers would often dump children in one part of the border, so adult migrants can sneak past as Border Patrol is overwhelmed with dealing with the children. Often they will get through unfinished gaps in the border wall.

Sources told Fox News the recruited kids often use their parents’ SUVs to make these trips to ferry migrants, without them knowing. One teenager’s mother, a nurse, started crying when she got a call from authorities about the business her daughter was conducting. But with authorities so overwhelmed, teens are often getting little more than a slap on the wrist.

WELL NO KIDDING! What good is a wall if there's a giant gap in it?

Imagine you live in Texas and get a call that your daughter stole your SUV so she can smuggle a few illegal immigrants into the country.

Then you find out she got paid thousands but ended up getting busted for it.

Do you expect half of the money because she used your car and start a 50/50 criminal enterprise smuggling people for the cartel? Or do you actually discipline your child and put them on a better path that doesn't involve a risky job thanks to TikTok?

If there's one thing we know, it's that Joe Biden's border is a complete failure and he has no idea what to do.

Two years ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Trump's border a "concentration camp."

Now we have teenagers smuggling illegals into the country.

What would AOC call that?

Should Nancy Pelosi resign?

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