TSA Uncovers Massive Lobster In Passenger Bag

Twitter user Michael McCarthy posted a picture of a massive lobster that was found in the luggage of a passengers checked bags at Logan Airport. The lobster was getting ready to board a JetBlue flight when it's path to the plane was interrupted by a skilled TSA agent who found the bottom dwelling dinner specialty just chilling out and ready to travel.

The lobster wasn't carrying any contraband. Many people may not be aware of this, but lobsters going on plane rides is apparently a common thing in the far northeast part of America. The only problem is that most of the lobsters aren't giant 20 pounders. This thing could feed at least 300 people in Somolia.

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BOSTON -- Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have found a number of strange things in luggage over the years, but their latest unusual discovery is unique to New England.CBS Boston reports that a lobster was detected in a JetBlue passenger's checked bag at Logan International Airport on Sunday morning.

What to do next? Put it on the plane and send it on its way. The lobster won't hurt anyone. As long as it has water or ice to take a nap in/on, then it will be fine until it reaches that horrible boiling pot where some food fanatic slices it up for a snack as they brag to their friends about the lobster they "caught" - but probably just bought at the store.

Or maybe the lobster goes to an aquarium to be put on display so people can poke their greasy chicken nugget fingers on the glass when they irresponsibly tap on it and piss off every animal in the building.

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It's like someone tapping on our forehead all day after they ate a greasy lunch and didn't wash their hands.

I hope the big lobster just goes to another part of the ocean and knocks up some female lobsters. Or gets knocked up if it's a lady. Would love to see the massive crustacean have lots of little lobster babies who all grow up to be as big as their parents.

Good luck, lobster! You'll be in water or butter in no time.

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