Turbans and Beards Coming to US Army


An Army memo came out that said it's now easy for Sikhs to receive a religious exemption so they can wear a turban and have a beard.

I guess that's cool, but it kinda makes our military look a little strange. I think I'd like to have our soldiers all look American so we don't accidentally shoot each other because we see a bearded guy in the dusty wallows of a shootout.

Guys, come on, I know you're religious and all, but leave your turban and beards at home so we can have our uniformity.

And do anyone out there reading this, turbans and Sikhs are good people. Don't confuse them with the terrorists.

The memo states that religious exemptions for wear and grooming standards can be issued at the brigade-level, instead of the secretary-level and further notes that any exemption granted is permanent, unless revoked personally by the secretary of the Army, The Hill reports.

These new rules, which have been released as the Obama administration is winding down, don’t just apply to Sikhs, but more broadly cover any and all religious exemption requests, including hijabs.

Interestingly, the rules also state that female soldiers can wear dreadlocks, cornrows and twists as hairstyles. Female soldiers do not require an exemption for these hairstyles.

Female soldiers? LOL why do we have female soldiers in the first place? I don't want them in our military. I want strong men doing those jobs.

If you asked me, I would vote NO for any and all religious requests for exemptions.

Save your religion for at home. This is the military and we're hear to crush skulls, not be religious.

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