Tammy Bruce says there's a lot of talent in this country, but Democrats can't seem to find it.

Bruce weighs in on how Democrats are playing "identity politics" with Biden's possible OMB nominee, Neera Tanden, over her "mean tweets" that she posted ages ago and has since deleted.

Tanden had called Mitch McConnell "Moscow Mitch" and said some other things that are mentioned in the video.

Today's latest reports suggest that Neera Tanden may not be confirmed and someone else might take her place. This is particularly because numerous Republicans like Mitt Romney suggest they will not vote to support Tanden.

Newsweek stated:

Ann O'Leary, who had originally been floated as a potential alternative to Tanden in November, is once again being considered for the position. She served as California Governor Gavin Newsom's chief of staff up until late December, but some say her former role may present the White House with another challenging confirmation hearing.

David Leblang, a professor of politics and public policy at the University of Virginia, told Newsweek that O'Leary "would suffer in a confirmation hearing because of her tie to Newsom. Even though she left in December, I think that's still the stamp she will be carrying for a bit. The Republicans are out for whatever sort of help they can acquire during these confirmation hearings, so I think that might be a pretty easy one for them to just attack in terms of California's management of a series of things."

Over the weekend, liberal political magazine The American Prospect reported that Gene Sperling, two-time director of the National Economic Council, is also being considered. He has been a progressive veteran of the Clinton and Obama administrations and was one of the few senior Biden campaign aides who did not land a top position.

Democrats really need to work harder on finding better people to work in politics.
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