You might remember Mayor Ben Rozier for his controversial comment about privilege that was really, really criticized. You might remember that he said he would resign after it. Well, the Georgia based mayor has changed his mind! He's NOT going to resign and he will remain in office after his comments were blown way out of proportion and people had their feelings hurt.

But folks, is saying something insensitive that hurts people's feelings seriously a reason for anyone to resign from any job? NO!! It's not. It means the guy might be a jerk, and the sad people might simply be weak individuals who need thicker skin - but no one should be stepping down from their job over a stupid comment. In fact, the comment was honest and much of it was true.

Here's what he said that got so many people butt-hurt:

What is privilege?....
"Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you've never had a job.
"Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance.
"Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for.
"Privilege is living in subsidized housing where you don't have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table.
"Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest anything that triggers you without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior.
"Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and [to] be able to send them off to daycare or school you don't pay for.
"Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before-school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after-school program...paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! know, us so-called 'PRIVILEGED' the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!

TELL ME THAT AIN'T WRONG??? Come on folks, this is so true!!

Savannah Now reported on his decision to NOT step down:

Rozier’s contentious June 16 “privilege” post in the Gossip Bloomingdale GA Facebook group was roundly condemned as a racially tinged attack on welfare recipients, before going viral and attracting national media attention.

In the incident’s aftermath, on June 18 the entire Bloomingdale City Council officially requested Rozier to “tender his resignation immediately,” and two demonstrations demanding his ouster were held in front of Bloomingdale City Hall.

“I do plan on staying in office,” Rozier said when reached by phone on Tuesday afternoon. “I did not mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. ... If I knew it would’ve caused this much problems, I wouldn’t have posted it.”

The Bloomingdale mayor emphasized that the controversial text in his post was copied from another source and that he deleted it as soon as it drew an overwhelmingly negative reaction, so he feels like the response has been overblown.

It was absolutely overblown. It hurt people's feelings because it was true.

Maybe we worry more about WHY that's true and HOW to fix it instead of just wanting some random mayor guy to step down from his job.

A Rozier resignation won't fix or change anything.