Joy Reid says Trump's RNC speech was 'Repugnant' and like a 'Monarchy'

Here is Joy Reid, a liberal news pundit on MSNBC, giving a really bad review of President Donald Trump's RNC acceptance speech. She compares it to a monarchy and says it was "repugnant" in nature. She thinks this would be the end of a Democracy. But doesn't a Democracy include the people voting for the candidate of their choice? If America votes for Trump or Biden, then so be it - that's who the Americans want based on the electoral college which helps prevent big states like California from deciding every election on their own. Well, not on their own, but a big heavily populated state like California could easily help swing an election one way or another and that's partially why we have an electoral college - so that smaller states have an equal voice. Either way, is Joy Reid's response based on her own hate for Trump? Does she ever say anything positive?
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