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Dec 22, 2013
Trending Views features blog posts that provide commentary about the news. Frank is the main writer and his politics are in the middle because he will make fun of any politician who does something stupid. Many of the articles do contain some right wing commentary, but make no mistake - if Ted Cruz leaves that dog home alone again (with some security guard), we're flying to Texas to adopt it.

We post crazy videos and blog posts discussing current events in the news, politics, and society with commentary and opinions.

Again, this is not a news site, this is a site that talks about the news and uses lots of commentary and opinions. Most of the political commentary and opinions can be considered center to right leaning in terms of political affiliations.

It's important to know that we are not reporters or professional journalists. We are bloggers.

Even though this is a commentary based website, we still strive to ensure all information provided is based on facts and sourced properly with well known websites.

We make corrections and updates as soon as we are notified of any potential error or information that needs further clarity. In that case, we will often provide the source to show the information is correct and explain why the correction was made.

Readers of this website may sign up to participate in a community/forum/discussion type setting that is different from the homepage of the website. Readers can submit news tips, but not everything is published. Members can use pen names or usernames, just like they do on Twitter.

Trending Views opened in 2015 by Trending Views is self-funded the project. Trending Views owns and operates the website. The name Trending Views has been added to our IRS documents under sole proprietorship and is now considered the owner.

This website generates income through display ads, native ads, and links to eCommerce products. Writers/partners are paid a portion of the revenue generated from their work.

This website is self-owned by Trending Views and not connected to any major company, investor, or political figure.

If any investor wants to throw a million bucks at us, then make it in the form of a grant and if we make a million back next year, we'll send you a jelly donut.

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