Twitter users enraged because Thor has shaved armpits

First the movie 'Wonder Woman' and now 'Thor Ragnarok' face the same controversy about the armpit hairs of the superheroes. It seems like having clean armpits are a much bigger deal for the audience who simply needs something to complain about. DC's Wonder woman suffered from the controversy and now Marvel's Thor gets the harsh treatment from numerous Twitter users.

Thor Ragnarok's teaser has a lot of things that people enjoyed. For starters, Thor loses the hammer, Asgard is in danger, and Thor is captured in chains.

Marvel fans were waiting for the teaser for a very long time and everyone was excited to finally see it. In fact, the fans got so excited that they analyzed the tiniest details of the teaser.

But for some people, the only thing they noticed was the lack of armpit hair. Are ya kidding me?

I thought that the most exciting part was to watch Thor stand against The incredible hulk. But as we unfortunately learned, different people pay attention to different details and sometimes it's the most stupid detail you can find.

The teaser is about predicting the awesomeness of the story and judging the quality of the movie, not about finding the guy with the least unnaturally hair armpit or mistakes in the teaser.

People are annoyingly wondering why Thor has clean armpits. And it's not that they're making a huge joke of it and making funny pictures of Thor shaving his pits in the shower. These are people who are enraged and offended. These are people who take pride in long armpit hair who think Thor should be in full naturalness.

Some people seem bothered why Thor has clean armpits. Meanwhile, They raised questions on Twitter like, "Who decides to shave his arm pit hair" and "how does he manage to make time to groom himself in godly situations" e.t.c...

I watched the trailer again, more closely to see what the fuss was really about. I saw that when Thor is captured, he comes out to fight in short hairs(head). I noticed it when he was sent to a contest as a contender to fight hulk and shouts in excitement and raises his fist saying 'we know each other' and that's where the hairless pits were spotted. People seriously paused the video & noticed the armpits. I noticed a movie that looks cool. I don't have time to worry about armpit hair unless it's on a woman, in which it should then be shaved.

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is finally upon us, and for the most part, fans are extremely excited about the upcoming film. A few nitpickers are criticizing the radical tone change from the previous Thor solo films, but the consensus is that it looks like a huge improvement. However, another controversy could get a little hairy for Marvel...

I'm talking, of course, about Thor’s armpits. When Thor raises his fist in the trailer, he reveals a surprisingly smooth underarm region — and it really upset the interwebs.

Maybe the people who captured & trimmed his head hairs also trimmed arm pit hairs for the sake of the rules of the fight. As a matter of fact, for most of the fans it is a bigger deal that Thor lost his long hairs. Because, Thor has a god like persona in these movies and long brown hairs on his head are a part of his personality. Also, his fans love his hair and it is somewhat disappointing to some fans that they trimmed his hairs. How can ladies think about Chris Hemsworth in a 50 shades way without him having Thor hair?

As long as Thor has the awesome brown beard and maintains his charismatic persona of a god, then Marvel fans are going to love this movie.

This movie has a lot to offer besides the lack of pit hairs. While watching the teaser I realized that this movie is about how Thor saves himself and Asgard. I am already curious as to what mystery lies in this story and the way it unfolds.

Thor Ragnarok is hopefully going to be another gem of the Marvel series.

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