Two dozen ISIS accounts removed from social network popular with teens

ISIS is using TikTok with emojis and all. 


The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham are using TikTok as a platform for recruitment. 

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The Wall Street Journal reports that the terrorist group places videos of the Islamic State anthem, along with some footage of corpses and fighters on the site that is filled with lip-synching teenagers and harmless pranksters. 

One of the terror videos were found to have earned about 68 likes. On a scarier note, some ISIS-related accounts had about 1,000 followers. 


The social media intelligence company Storyful has already identified about two dozen ISIS-related accounts which have now been removed and banned from the platform. A spokeswoman for TikTok stated that they are now taking preventative measures in ensuring that the platform will be safe from what they termed as “malicious behavior. They now have a team solely dedicated to protecting the platform and its users. 


An Oxford University expert on extremism stated that the contents posted by ISIS were especially designed to appeal to the youth. Elisabeth Kendall stated that “The rhyme, beat, evocative lyrics and punchy delivery are especially appealing to youth. This catchy, sing-along method for propagating ISIS ideology means it spreads quickly and sticks in the collective memory. It tends to be far more effective than sermons or theological debate and treatises.” 


It is unclear as of the moment how large their presence is on TikTok.

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