Two girls banned from MLB after flashing Astros pitcher during World Series

Fans will do anything to help their team win, even if there is a price to be paid. Founder of Shagmag Julie Rose and brand executive Lauren Summer were caught flashing Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during the fifth game of World Series. Their penalty is being banned not only for the rest of the series but indefinitely.


Rose and Summer are keeping the public posted, so they've published the letter they've received where it says that they've violated fan conduct by exposing their breasts during the 7th inning of the game. The letter also says that they've done it to promote their business. One has to wonder why is that important and would the punishment be different if they did it as fans. As it appears, girls were promoting breast cancer awareness, but that is not mentioned in the said letter.

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A spokesman for the league Michael Teeven said to USA Today that MLB quickly made a decision to ban them and sent them the letters. While there is no further explanation, it is considered that Summer and Rose aren't welcome at any MLB game in the future.  Girls have documented their adventure on Instagram Stories, as they've suggested that they would flash during the game. After the act, they were taken to the local police station, including their fellow attendee Kayla Lauren who was also wearing Shagman T-shirt.


In the end, their act didn't help the Nationals. Astros kept their composure and defeated their rivals 7-1, to take the lead in series 3-2. Even though they paid the price, Rose and Summer don't seem to be phased about it, as they've got their media exposure. It will be interesting to see if they'll ask for their bans to be removed for the next season.

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