Two men arrested for allegedly attacking man wearing MAGA hat

Two men were arrested and now face charges over an incident that occurred in the Germantown section of Maryland. The two men, Jovan Crawford, 27, and Roberson, 25, are likely to be slapped with multiple charges that include robbery and second-degree assault. This all stems from an incident in which the two men attacked someone for wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

A report from Fox 5 DC states that the attack happened on a Saturday in the middle of the afternoon while a man named Atsu Nable was walking outside. He claims that two men were angry because he was wearing the MAGA hat and one of them supposedly hit Nable from behind.

Nable was quoted saying, “I was like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ They said, ‘No, the hat,’ and they started punching me on my head.”

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He claims the men were bothering him once they saw his MAGA hat. They allegedly shouted for him to take it off, but then it became physically violent.

Fox 5 DC states that Nable "told them he is entitled to his political views and tried to walk away but says they became violent and repeatedly hit him until he fell to the ground."

Nable is from Togo in West Africa. He came to America in 2007 and he's a legal United States citizen. He is a Trump supporter who has attended campaign events and volunteers during Trump's inauguration according to Fox 5 DC.

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Thankfully, there were witnesses who called the police. At some point, the police found the two men hiding among children who were playing on a basketball court not far from where the incident took place.

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