Two nuns stole $5k for Vegas trips, but church doesn't want them prosecuted

Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper was the principal of St. James Catholic School, an elementary school in Torrance, California which is just outside of Los Angeles. Kreuper announced that she was going to retire earlier this year and right about the same time, a family at the school asked for a copy of an old check that they had written to the school St. James.

When staff members found the check, they realized it had not been deposited into the school's account but in a different bank account. This is where the vast fraud began to unravel that was allegedly conducted by Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang, another nun and longtime teacher at the same school.


School officials told parents that the two nuns stole around $500,000 from the school over the years. The school said that the two women, who were best friends, used the stolen money on trips and visits to casinos.  

Here is the kicker to the whole story, the archdiocese refuses to pursue criminal charges against the nuns.

Parents, of course, are outraged and it has split the church. "We were an ATM, and people know it and they won't ask for justice," Jack Alexander, a parent at St. James, the Southern California News Group. The nuns themselves have expressed the deep remorse that they feel for their actions and ask for forgiveness and prayers from the parents and parishioners.


Did these best friends know that the church would not prosecute? More likely they thought that they would not be caught.

But they were indeed caught because of one old check. Imagine two of your teachers in grade school or middle school as criminals, stealing money to go on trips to Las Vegas to gamble.

Well, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

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