Uber Passenger Lifts Car To Save Florida Trooper's Life

Kenny Franklin called an Uber and was on his way to work. That's when things got really weird. His driver had a seizure while driving and the car basically was taken off the road. Then a Florida State Trooper was walking up to see what happened. Then the driver woke up from their seizure and freaked out. They put the car into a gear and ran over the trooper!

That's when passenger Kenny Franklin turned into the Hulk and lifted the vehicle off the trooper, essentially saving his life.

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Kenny Franklin is a hero!


Then, he says, his driver suffered a seizure while at the wheel on I-4 near I-275.

"His foot is accelerating on the gas, and instantly, I'm in the back seat wondering, 'Okay, my life is pretty much over at this point,'" explained Franklin.

He was able to safely get the car to the side of the road. Franklin says that's when the driver awoke in a panic.

"He didn't know where he was at, so he tried to put the car into a gear, and so he's fumbling with the car," said Franklin.

He jumped out of the car, and behind them was a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, Jack Hypes.

"He starts walking up towards me, to assist and assess the situation," explained Franklin. "As he does that, the driver mistakenly puts the car in reverse and hits the officer."

Hypes was pinned under the vehicle.

"Adrenaline was racing," said Franklin of his reaction to the situation. "Your heart, you know, is going a million miles an hour, and all you're thinking about at that time is this, this needs to end well."

If Kenny Franklin is driving Uber to work everyday, then I think the neighborhood and the Florida State Troopers should start a fund to help Franklin buy a car. He doesn't need a Ferrari, but a certified used car, in great condition and with a warranty, from a car dealership would be nice.

Franklin basically saved the Trooper's life and I think they should do something to show their gratitude. Anytime someone jumps in to help out, they should always be thank, especially if it helps save someone's life.

Let's pay it forward and reward the good people on our planet by showing them how much we appreciate them.

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