Unproven story goes viral, suggests ailing Nurse switched 5,000 babies for fun

You may have seen this story making rounds on social media. It's about a sick Zambian nurse who made a stunning confession about sending newborns home with the wrong parents. Her name is Elizabeth Mwewa and she claims to have switched about 5,000 babies for fun, suggesting that she sent kids with the wrong parents on purpose. This story remains unproven by fact checkers, even though it appeared on MSN and Yahoo - both a legitimate source for information (usually).

The story is likely a hoax or perhaps even a joke perpetrated by the nurse herself - a little humor before her terminal illness takes her away.

The story, as shown on MSN, says that she confessed to her sins while on her hospital bed. It continues by stating that she did this for fun and it became a habit. After all of that, she asked God for forgiveness.


Further details on MSN/Yahoo's story show that Mwewa worked for the The University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Mwewa was quoted saying the following:

"I have terminal cancer and I know I will be dying soon. I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service." 
" I have nothing to hide, In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5000 babies." 
"I know I sinned against God and may he forgive me for that. I am also asking Zambians to forgive me for the evil things I was doing to innocent children. I have caused some faithful couples to divorce after going for DNA Tests."

The nurse also blamed the devil, then claimed the devil used her to commit the sins, but she's regretful for it.

"I have caused many mothers to breastfeed children who are not theirs biologically. I don't want to go to Hell for that, Am really sorry I have sinned alot. Please forgive me."

She then stated that infants born between 1983 and 1995 at the hospital should "check themselves" to see if they look different from siblings.

"So take a good look at your siblings, if for example everyone is light and you are darkie… you are that child and I am really sorry for that."

After reading this story a few times, it seems more clear each time that whomever wrote it got a fast one over on MSN and Yahoo. Now everyone's sharing it and catching a good laugh.

Or... maybe people aren't laughing at all?

I don't know.... did you think this was funny?

I have a question - who has time to come up with this stuff?

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