Up For Debate: Did he say Joe Biden or Jill Biden?

In his appearance on PBS News Hour on July 3, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden once again presented himself as "Jill Biden's husband." However, in the clip, it sounded like he was introducing himself as "Joe Biden's husband." People are debating as to what he said in the clip and if he is capable of becoming the next president. 

In the segment, the National Education Association (NEA) presented Biden. NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia discussed her time with Biden's wife, Jill. 

At that moment, he said what sounded like, "As Lily indicated, I'm Joe Biden's husband, Joe Biden." Garcia then proceeded to talk about Jill, who is an NEA member. Lily continued to tell that she has no connection with Joe as they collaborate with his wife. However, Jill's position as a college professor convinced Lily that Joe Biden knew them. 

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That is when Joe Biden was introduced. This isn't the first time he introduced himself as his wife's spouse. He made headlines before for doing this at the start of his campaign. This time, it's different.

People did not concentrate on Biden as he addressed the delegates of the NEA during the union's annual Representative Assembly. They did not even focus on his discussion about his educational plan, along with his proposal for federal funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

People are instead debating, is it "Jill Biden's husband "or "Joe Biden's husband?" 

The president's son Donald Trump Jr. took this to twitter and attached the video. He tweeted, "This is ridiculous already. How can they let this guy possibly be the leader of anything, let alone the leader of the free world? These daily mistakes are not gaffes. They are a serious issue for someone who could have the nuclear football. They show a lapse of basic reasoning."


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