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US Army Veteran who shot and killed dog as she laughed has been found dead

In most cases some people tell jokes or play pranks on one another and film it for a laugh. That wasn't the case with this particular incident. A woman who was an Army Veteran and a man whom was just as evil as she was, chose to murder her service dog by tying the dog to a tree and shooting the dog numerous times with a rifle. This was a means to make a cruel video to which they both equally found to be funny as they shot and killed the dog.

Both parties were charged with animal cruelty after the video surfaced of what they had done to the dog but it seems the consequences of Marinna Rollin's actions were far too much for her to handle and it's looking like she may have taken her own life to deal with the backlash she faced from her actions in the video. 

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Police in North Carolina are investigating a possible suicide of an Army Veteran who had been charged with shooting her service dog.

It was said that she had shot her service dog and the laughed about killing the dog.

Police were called to Marinna Rollins apartment early Sunday morning by friends after they discovered her body, she was 23 years old. Lt. Todd Joyce who is part of the investigation declined to comment on what evidence was found in the flat, only that they suspected suicide.

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Just last month both Marinna Rollins and Jarren Heng who is 25 years old were charged with cruelty to animals and investigators said that they both tied a dog to a tree and shot it multiple times using a rifle. The two were said to be heard laughing as they shot and killed the dog as they recorded it.

Though it is not certain she did take her own life it does look more than likely so that may have been the case. With something that horrible being filmed, it's no wonder this weighed on her heavily. It should have, at the very least.  Shooting and killing a dog while laughing at your actions paves the way for a lot of backlash from the public which can be very hard to handle for some - especially those who are already mentally unstable enough to shoot a dog and think it's funny.

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Marinna may have thought tying her dog to a tree and shooting the defenseless animal was a good idea at the time and may have been strung along by the guy Jarren Heng who was also with her, but this definitely was not an ideal video to make. It was the complete opposite. Horrible, harrowing, and helplessly pointless.

Did she think taking her own life would make things right? Maybe at the time. Was it the best decision for her to make and would it really make things right for her? Possibly not.  She would still be known as the woman in the video who killed her service dog and would never really fix anything.

She is still known as the woman who shot a dog for no reason and laughed at it. Nothing will change that.

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