US Bombers Fly Mission Closest To North Korea Than Ever This Century

In what can only be described as an American show of military might, bombers and escorting fighter aircrafts flew a mission north of the DMZm or demilitarized zone.  The mission was reportedly executed to show the tyrannical dictator Kim Jong-un that their rhetoric, should it ever materialize into actions, will be met with a multi-faceted response from the US.

Defense Department spokesman Dana White said that the missions is a demonstration of Americas resolve and intended to send an explicit message that the US has a multitude of option at their disposal to squash any threats.

He continued to state that North Korea's continued pursuit of a nuclear weapons program continues to be a serious threat to the Asia-Pacific region as well as the world as a whole.  He reiterated that the United States had a wide range of tools in their military arsenal to defend their homeland as well as their allies.

Exercises like these seem to be par for the course when you have the actual leader, Kim Jong-un as well as his diplomats vowing to build missiles that can strike all parts of the mainland United States, and even more easily, it's allies in their proximity.

On Friday the 22nd of September, Trump once again called out the dictator calling him a madman that has no qualms about starving or murdering his family and citizens adding to his moniker of "Rocket Man" to "Little Rocket Man."

In continuance of this childish name calling, the North Korean representative to the United Nations took to the podium to say that sticks and stones may break his bones but names will never harm him.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  He, much like all the children involved in this war of words, basically said that the president shouldn't disrespect his fine country and supreme leader because it hurts their feelings and it further justification for them to wage war on America.  Seems proportionate, right? No.

At least for the time being as we gear up for an inevitable war, Trump got the last laugh by noting that China is in agreeance regarding major bank sanctions.  Which, if implemented, could severely hamper the North Korean Regime's arms race as China makes uo about 90 percent of the isolated nation's trade and is there only connection to the international banking system.

The balls is now back in Kim's court.  Let's see what kind of madness he can cook up, because I'm sure our president can cook up much more madness.

(Photo: Staff Sgt. Joshua Smoot/USAF)