U.S. Women's Soccer Star Slammed For 'Sipping Tea' Celebration

Alex Morgan scored a goal on a wild header and helped her U.S. women's national soccer team defeat England 2-1. After she scored, she pretended to sip tea with her pinkie sticking out, just like the English people do in their spare time. Now she's being slammed for it and some people are calling it 'distasteful.'
Maxim reported that "English soccer star Lianne Sanderson likely spoke for many of her aggrieved fellow Brits when she called Morgan out over the joke when speaking with beIN Sports after the match.

Sanderson acknowledged she could be misreading Morgan, but for her the gesture was “based upon playing against England."
She admitted that the English do love tea, and while she's not into it, "that’s what we’re connected with, so I think it’s a little bit distasteful.”
Here's the video showing the kick from the side, the header goal, and then the sip tea celebration.
Alex Morgan can sip tea all she wants as long as she's not taking a knee like her trashy teammate Megan Rapinoe.
Does anyone want to remind Rapinoe that the Colin Kaepernick era was over like two years ago?
He might be complaining about a shoe now, but Kaepernick hasn't been relevant in ages. Time to let it go and move on, and Rapinoe needs a reminder of that.

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