USA Today Shows Assault Rifle Modified with Chainsaw

If you were laying around wondering what you can add to an assault rifle to make it more scary, then you must see the video posted by USA Today. They were trying to give details/breakdown of an assault rifle, but when people saw this video they couldn't help but respond with their jaw on the floor. The video shows the assault rifle being modified with a chainsaw and the only place we've seen that is in the Gears of War video game. Was this video made by an anti-gun enthusiast or a pro-gun comedian? We can't tell, but the video was just too good to be true so of course we had to share it.

If buying an AR-15 wasn't on your to do list, then it might be now. I can't imagine how much work in the yard I could get done with my new chainsaw gun. Trimming the trees, shooting some deer, and maybe drinking a few cold ones with the boys will wrap up a swell weekend. Of course, I don't really want the gun, but the fact that USA Today left that part in the video was simply hysterical. There's fear mongering and then there's simply ridiculousness. What side of the line does this fall on?

It seems like USA Today wanted to make the AR-15 look like a horrible thing, rather than focusing on the horrible person associated with a terrible crime. USA Today talked about the AR-15 and the possible modifications, but later Tweeted that the Texas church shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet. Don't let the mainstream media trick you into believing that he did.

Here's the AR-15 with a modified chainsaw as featured in the video below. If you chop down some trees with your weapon, then let us know how that goes for you. You're on your own, we hold no responsibility for your actions!

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