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Vendor busted for charging $724 for two beers at Dolphins game


I get it, beers in sporting events tend to be higher since it’s peak season. But to overcharge to the point of making people pay for $724 dollars for two beers, yes, TWO BEERS. That is a sprint away from the boundaries of inflation. 


On Sunday afternoon, 33-year-old Nathaniel Collier charged a fan $724 dollars for two beers, as reported by the Miami-Dade Police. This comes after the Fins were robbed by the Los Angeles Chargers of chances to win. Collier grabbed the fan’s card, swiped it on a personal card reader instead of the device that the stadium provides for their vendors. 


Once the transaction was processed, the fan was notified that his card was charged that amount and it displayed Collier’s name. 

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Collier was not even a worker for Hard Rock Stadium and the Dolphins. He actually works for Kentucky-based subcontractor Rocket Man. The spokesman of Centerplate, the hospitality company managing the Stadium’s concessions, also told that the vendors working for Rocket Man wear lime-green uniforms. 


While Collier worked for more than a year, the police said he was fired after his arrest. Rocket Man also gave the fan a full refund. 

In a statement, the company said that they take such matters seriously and that they monitor vendors to safeguard their customers. Upon learning Collier’s actions, the supervisor immediately contacted the authorities. 


Now, Collier is charged for grand theft and using a skimming device. He is currently at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and was issued a bond of $10,000. Detective Marcos Rodriguez told the press of the credit card fraud in the press conference at the Miami-Dade Headquarters and will update us on the progress of Collier’s case.

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