Our venomous snake is loose, but seriously, nothing to worry about: Bronx Zoo

The people in the Bronx have something new to fear: a venomous snake that just escaped from the zoo. The mangrove snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo, is 3-foot long and can climb the trees. Luckily, it is said that the snake is still on the zoo's terrain, but nobody knows where exactly.

The zoo management stays calm though. They say that while the snake is "mildly venomous" is actually "not dangerous to people." While the science says that its bite can cause "painful swelling" and some skin problems at most, it is still possible that it can be more threatening for the kids or the ill or older people.


While the snake is on the run, probably still on the terrain of the zoo, the zoo's management didn't mind at all to sell the entrance tickets to the people, at $6 each.

Some people that visited the zoo on the last day, were shocked. They didn't notice the small sign that the zoo placed next to the ticket office about the snake on the run on the zoo's terrain. They just paid $6 and wanted to have some fun.

“It’s irresponsible of them,” said Lucia Crespo, 29 years old. She visited the zoo with her young son. “It’s scary and I have a 3-year-old son. Now I’m feeling terrified … I don’t like snakes at all," said scared Lucia.


Another visitor, Engelbert Balboa from Queens said that "if he knew, he wouldn't go there."

While the zoo was still getting visitors, its workers were searching for the freedom-loving snake. When asked about the danger that the snake posses to the other people, one of them replied that "If it wasn’t safe, he wouldn't stay there."

Like the zoo wrote on the small sign warning its visitors, the mangrove snakes "are shy" and they are of "secretive nature."

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It is also said that the snakes are the most active during the night.

Good luck.

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