By Frank
Posted January 10, 2017

Verizon is set to purchase Yahoo, which is usually the 5th or 6th most viewed website in the world, and then change it's name to something that sounds like you're vomiting over a toilet.

Altaba. It sounds like a drug you take for your penis.

I'm not going to Altaba. I don't like anything about the name. It sounds terrible to me.

Washington Post reports - When the deal closes, the remaining part will change its name to Altaba, the company announced in security filings on Monday. The sale is expected to be completed by late March, Yahoo said.

The new name is meant to be a combination of the words “alternative and Alibaba,” according to a person familiar with the company’s thinking, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to speak on the record about the name change.

Does this mean Yahoo! and all of it's poorly written articles and awesome fantasy football system might be gone soon? I don't know for sure, but I do know their new name is beyond stupid and completly unbrandable.

Sounds like a terrible thing to do. You don't buy a top ten website in the world, that has an awesome name, and then change it to something that sounds like diarrhea hitting the tile floor when a kid craps their diaper in the summer time and it falls out the side.

This is so stupid.



Employees are leaving if the sale goes through with Verizon.

Venture Beat reports - Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer will be resigning from the board after her company completes its acquisition by Verizon. She is not the only one to depart from the combined company, as cofounder David Filo, Eddy Hartenstein, Richard Hill, Jane Shaw, and Maynard Webb will be leaving. Eric Brandt will become the chairman of the board.

I'm not 100% sure why they're leaving. Maybe they're being forced out. Maybe they dislike the name change. Maybe they're taking payouts to leave.

All speculation until a deal actually goes through with Verizon and details are provided.


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