Veteran dead for 4 days before social worker found him in CA care facility

Federal officers were forced to pull out veterans from assisted living home California Villa in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. It was found out that a social worker was reported visiting a vet who was dead for four days at the moment.

A further investigation done by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs revealed other problems, like medication errors. One of the examples is a 100-year-old veteran with sepsis who was denied antibiotics. The explanation was he couldn't get them as they weren't covered by Medicare. His condition got worse, so he had to be transferred to hospital.


There were more dramatic events, as one veteran got a double dose of his daily medication, while another person was denied his prescription drugs. He was also charged $5 for every meal because he wanted to eat in his room instead of with everyone else in the cafeteria.

Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner says that he can't believe that something like that could happen, as these veterans are vulnerable, and mistakes could be costly. He sent his letter to the White House, which approved the investigation. California Villa was already under pressure, as the California Department of Social Service wanted to revoke its license since 2017.


The assisted living home was accused of not addressing safety issues, which includes attacks by one of the veterans on other residents. Still, a new license was given in March of 2019, but the name of the company was changed to California Tree Villa At Lvg & Memory Care.

As for the confusion about visiting a dead veteran, it was a case of misidentification by California Villa employee, investigators say. When a caseworker came to visit him, staff directed her to some other resident.

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The investigators are now wondering if there were other cases of negligence to residents.

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