Video footage from outside Jeffrey Epstein cell deemed 'unusable'

A CCTV footage of a camera outside of US financier Jeffrey Epstein was deemed unusable by the authorities. The disgraced financier who was convicted for pedophilia and his alleged innappropriate crimes, Epstein's death remains a controversial topic due to it being unclear whether or not it was suicide or murder.

At least one of the camera footage from the CCTVs at the hallway were said to be of no use, however, clearer footage was said to have been captured in the same area. This is according to three people that were briefed on the evidence that was gathered at the scene of the crime.

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It is unclear to the public as to why some video footage outside Epstein's cell was deemed to be too flawed for use while the other one was. The investigation is done by the FBI and the Justice Department's Inspector General's Office. For a while now, they are trying to know how all of this happened despite the prison's strict guarding and placing of Epstein. 

The video footage are essential for the questions that remain unsolved. The revelation of an unusable recording is another failure by the Metropolitan Correctional Center and is being questioned whether it is all intentional or not. 

Whether or not the flaw in the videotape was affected by the duration of the footage or a real problem from the start by the prison facility remains to be in question.  

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The spokesman of the Bureau of Prisons has declined to comment on the matter. As a matter of fact, all spokespeople ranging from the FBI, Justice Department and even the U.S Attorney's Office in Manhattan continue to be tight-lipped on this matter, garnering more scrutiny and curiosity from the general public. 

Meanwhile, there are people who spoke to news outlets and earlier, to an attorney representing Epstein's victims. However, they've all done it under anonymity. The ongoing probe on Epstein's death is still going on.

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